Packages Explained

Caribbean Tan likes to offer a Tanning package for everyone’s preference and budget that’s why we offer 4 Levels, 3 Package types, and over 25 different packages. Once you learn the Terminology below it will all make sense I promise 🙂 If you got questions please feel free to call or visit the salon.

Terminology Explained Levels: Levels refer to the power of the Machine. Caribbean Tan has 4 Levels. The Lamps in the higher Levels have more watts and/or power. You can start in any Level because we start you with a shorter session to prevent burning. Stronger Machines get you Tan quicker and the tan will last longer!

Pay as U Go Memberships: With this type of Package you will need to Pay a small fee (co-pay) each time you Tan. The fee is determined on the Level you pick that day. Level 1 may or may not have a fee depending on promotions.

Co-Pay Fee: This is the term used to describe the small fee required with the above Pay as U Go Memberships. This should not be confused with Single Visits.

Single Visits: This is the term used for the purchase of 1 Visit. Single Visits are not Co-Pays. Single Visits cost more than Co-Pays

Unlimited: These types of packages allow you to tan as often as you can (1 session per day by law) without paying additional fees. The only time you would pay a fee with this type of package is if you decide to go up into a different Level. Clients who buy this type of package generally tan in the same machine every time.

Visits: We sell 1, 8, 12 ,and 16 Visits. The more you buy the cheaper each session becomes. Visits expire in 1 year if not being used. There are no fees with visits.